Gain boon from our BULK SMS Services.

Gain boon from our BULK SMS Services.

Bulk SMS Service is a great marketing tool which has transformed the way of business for any kind of businesses and its Software tool allows you to send thousands of messages in a single second. The beauty of BULK SMS Services is that this marketing channel can be easily woven into your ongoing marketing campaign.  For our business development we need to communicate with customers, so we cannot go to everyone’s home to build/improve the business But we can build business through Messaging Platform nothing but BULK SMS Service. According to the research, each person is seeing the mobile phone for every 5 minutes. Hence, this is the best method to approach the customers very easily, cheapest media where largest volume of people can be reached.

What the accurate things makes BULK SMS Lucrative marketing tool?

People rely on Mobile Phone:  Mobile is becoming paramount for all people nowadays. They spent maximum time with phone and operate all systems in mobile. Therefore, more active on phone, Bulk SMS Service plays vital role as marketing tool.

High Returns, Low Cost: The cost of outsource advertising, television advertising or other such expensive forms can be ‘too high’ for small businesses.  Whereas, BULK SMS solutions gives low cost involved. Bulk SMS marketing campaigns can be put to action in no time with small cost, allowing you to reach thousands of people quickly and effectively.

High Response Rate:   Because of high response rate from BULK SMS Service, Companies use this to create leads and convert it into business. This is the easy way to generate interest for your business.

Customer Satisfaction:  To maintain relationship with your existing customers BULK SMS Service gives an attractive marketing tool. Sending alerts from your company as customer’s availed service from you make them happy and make them to go for next purchase. They meticulously use well-timed SMS alerts to keep customers in the loop on their order and delivery status. For instance, the way banks keep their customers updated about account balance, deductions, deposits, withdrawals, etc. This can also help you cut down on customer care service related costs.

Be clear: enormous is that there are no spam boxes involved in bulk SMS marketing! You can always reach out to phone numbers that are not listed on DND numbers.

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How to Useful Bulk SMS for Schools, Colleges and Universities?

How to Useful BULK SMS for Schools, Colleges and Universities?


 The scope of education in the 21st century has seen a drastic change and improvement at all levels. More and more educational Institutions are adapting to newer and alternative technologies to impart education. Though Educational sector seems to be increasingly demanding and stimulating, the nature of teaching and learning process appears to be still traditional at par with personalized training.

Communications has always played a vital role to build a community among parents, teachers and its students. Usage of SMS service to interact or communicate messages has yielded positive results among the teaching community. Be it a university or a college or a school and not to miss even local preschools and nurseries have started using SMS service to convey their messages.

Getting SMS information about their child’s conduct and other performance results are on regular swings. Even higher institutions keep track of students’ attendance and other mischief if any, and report it to their parents immediately via SMS service to take necessary action that is required. Important notices, reminders, exam updates, open house dates are easily informed to parents via SMS service.

Educational Institutions also follow SMS marketing service to announce special events or programs that are held in school or college campuses. Intimation about Family Day celebration or Intramural or University fairs date announcement, all schedules and activities are sent through BULK messaging service. This method of communication has helped schools and colleges to update their messages to parents and students instantly and on regular basis. Our BULK SMS service helps educational institutes to save time, money and efforts.

How to advertise your business through BULK SMS???

How to advertise your business through BULK SMS???


Being reliable and cost efficient, many entrepreneurs have already started using the short messaging services which is “BULK SMS Service” to market their products and services. BULK SMS Marketing has become an essential medium for two way communication between brand-audience and also for promotional and awareness activities. A simple phone message can convey the information effectively which might not be possible otherwise because if the recipient is in an important meeting or their phone is unreachable. A simple message can convey the information without wasting anyone’s time. Marketing through BULK SMS helps acquire guaranteed results because the deliverance rate is around 70% as compared to direct mail and above 90% of the customers are reliable to read the message and this is because the cell phone has become a trusted mate for customers since they always carry it with them. Send updates & news of upcoming development of your brand this will make your customer updated about your new launches which will directly affect your sales. You need not spend time in promoting your products when it comes to this form of BULK SMS marketing. Other Form of Advertising your business is social media like Face book, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, instagram etc. also Great tool. Reason for the preference of BULK SMS marketing is, it directly connect you with your targeted audience and delivers your words in seconds.

BULK SMS – Marketing Trends


BULK SMS – Marketing Trends

SMS marketing is very powerful and interacting medium of marketing as it is the fastest growing marketing approach, which deliver n number of benefits to both client and marketer like less time consuming to reach to the great number of mobile users, cost effective and many more.

As you are new to market and marketing strategies you need some key step to take your business brand at the peak of the market for that, you need a cost effective, reliable and effective marketing strategy. In today’s Marketing area SMS Marketing is quite simple and effective way to deliver your product and services details to your clients and targeted customer.

Promotional SMS has limitless market potential, there are numerous number of mobile users in all over the world, mobile phones have become one of the basic needs of an individual. Every big and small business includes Bulk SMS promotions within their marketing strategy, for small business, Bulk SMS is a very effective marketing strategy because it does not cost any costly investment, this is very economical and in spite of that it creates an instant and direct impact on the consumer’s mind. Persons may do not have time to use another medium of communication, but their phones are always on and always with them.

Why you need to choose BULK SMS for Marketing?

As you are new to market and marketing strategies you need some key step to take your business brand at the peak of the market for that, you need a cost effective, reliable and effective marketing strategy. In today’s Marketing area, SMS Marketing is quite simple and effective way to deliver your product and services details to your clients and targeted customer.

This Bulk SMS services is now used by various E-marketing companies, Banks, Stock broking companies to send alert messages to their peoples by updating them with the valuable information.

See the BULK SMS BENEFICIAL features which make it powerful tool for marketing.



Requires less Investments

This important feature that make BULK SMS the best for each and every inexperienced entrepreneur who is hesitating in investing the huge amount in promoting their brand to the market arena. You can use BULK SMS in your marketing campaign either with the help of service provide or software.


Easy to implement

BULK SMS software is User-friendly, all you have to do is to enter the mobile no. of the clients and the required messages to be convey to your clients, then just click send button.

Time Saver and Flexible working schedule

To send BULK SMS you need not require any fix time or proper timing schedule as compared to some other marketing strategies. You can send Bulk SMS services according to your own time schedule.


Easy to manage and improves client relationship

Updating your potential clients via short message service (SMS), let you to maintain a consistent touch with your client who are the backbone of your business.


Reliable & Cost effective

Bulk SMS is very reliable & cost effective for all Industries as it provides a panel to through which can send SMS in bulk & reach to customer place anytime wherever they are. If you compare this with other mode of marketing tool, you can get this panel at very low cost & easy to use.



Bulk Messaging is the dissemination of large numbers of SMS messages for delivery to mobile phone terminals. SMS messages are purchased in bulk, hence the term, and are considerably cheaper than regular SMS from your mobile phone. It is used by media companies, enterprises, banks (for marketing and fraud control) and consumer brands for a variety of purposes including entertainment, enterprise and mobile marketing.

Who can use it and How?

• Marketing Agencies,
• Politicians,
• Communities,
• Radio/TV Stations,
• Retail Shops / B2B Businesses
and anyone wishing to create a customer list in order to inform them.
Simply log in, upload your list of recipients, type in your message and click Send.

Promotional SMS:

Promotional SMS is the new market mantra used to promote or sell goods and services. promotional SMS is utilized for advertising purposes. With the help of Bulk Promotional SMS services, we can promote brands, update information and provide offer details to clients at large with a single click. With its lowest price Bulk Promotional SMS, Online Business Bazaar finds its way to sell the brand instantly. We can rest assure to use SMS service for advertising, as it is viewed by most of the customers. Online Business Bazaar is one such service provider which offers best of Promotional SMS schemes to all its clients. Our dedicated Promotional Bulk SMS gateway allows users to send out bulk promotional messages to its clients at large. We can avail our services to send out Bulk Promotional messages like product launches, offer details, General Awareness updates, upcoming event publicity, Greetings on special occasions, etc.

Transactional SMS:

As per the latest TRAI guidelines, now it is possible to send out messages through Transactional SMS to DND (Do not disturb) / NDNC registered customers. Though these messages are not of promotional nature, sometimes it becomes necessary to send out alert or service messages to clients at large. Certainly it becomes important to send out important SMS which are of an emergency nature. That’s when these Transactional SMS comes handy to reach out masses at large. With Transactional SMS messages, one can send informative, generic, critical data or information.
All SMS content needs to be Transactional and should not contain any promotional content on this SMS route. Hence all the SMS content are approved in advance with variables. You could only send out those pre-approved SMS templates by changing the variables from the SMS template.

Invitational SMS:

It’s like when you want to get your message delivered in respect of birthday initiations, religious ceremonies, marriage function, greetings etc. these types of messages gets delivered to both non DND and DND numbers.
(Marriage, Birthday, Reception, Baby Shower, Ring Ceremony, Gruh Pravesh, Office Shifting, Sad News, etc..)

Community SMS:

It’s when a particular community(Jain, Punjabi, Sikh, Agrawal, etc) wants to inform their community members about the latest happenings within their community, and want to inform their members of latest know how, they use these type of message service, it gets delivered to both DND and non DND numbers.